Statistically over 50% of people going to windsurfing clinics are sporty girls,,,, the rest are cool dudes. Become the instructor at your own windsurfing school this summer ! Starboard makes it all possible with a special offer of 6 Start boards and rigs + loads of accessories. Check the 6 PACK details with your national distributor 3 months before your season starts.
The Start is a dedicated entry-level board for the first step into windsurfing.

The Start - with its beginner-specific features like the daggerboard, roller wheel, enhanced stability, full EVA deck, and multiple insert positions - makes learning to windsurf for anyone easier than ever. Even kids can get started with the Start S.

The Start will appeal to all entry-level people wanting to learn windsurfing as quickly and as easily as possible. It will also be a fun recreational board for intermediate windsurfers and, with a racing fin fitted, advanced windsurfers will be surprised with its speed and racing pedigree performance.

This year, the Start has been updated to integrate a Roller Wheel in the tail, making it easy to pull around. The Clipper Wheel remains compatible, for those who need to roll the Start through sand.
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"Starboard is not just happy to have pioneered the compact widestyle beginner board, it is a team that endlessly improves the concept towards more maneuverability and ease of progress. The Start is a currently the most stable and easiest board in the World, while keeping a healthy dose of excitement - no... make that pure fun."
Wind Magazine, France
Planchemag, France, June 2005 Special Summer test issue:

"Learning: The Start is the most stable and most accessible board in the test. With a good selection of footstrap positions, it will work for a wide variety of people and different bodyweights. Perfect to learn planing with the footstraps, it just goes straight and forgives foot placement errors. Tacking and jibing is a breeze.
Progressing: The Start is the sportiest board with the highest cruising speed. It's a true funboard. It goes very well upwind, and does not get upset in rough waters. Conclusion: More discovery and learning orientated than its cousin the GO, the Start manages to unite the world of planing and non-planing. A beautiful offer for windsurfing schools or for riding with the family this summer, from 2m2 to 9m2.

Learning to windsurf: 5/5
Learning to plane: 5/5
Performance in winds
up to Force 3: 5/5"

Nose-carry handle for convenience.

Slight concave in the nose helps guide the beginner's feet around a tacking maneuver.

Full EVA deck for maximum comfort.

Center carry handle.

Slight convex ridge along the center line helps guide the beginner's feet to stay close the board's center.

Wider tail forearlier planing and increased stability.
Bd_Start_M_Details.jpg Integrated mast impact protector.

EVA Tufskin construction for maximum durability, comfort, and value.

Extra fat rails in the midsection designed to enhance stability.

Sand-proof Clipperbox daggerboard system.

4 insert positions: beginner, intermediate to advanced.

New! Integrated Roller Wheel for easy transportation.

  • Dedicated beginner board for everyone.
  • Many dedicated beginner features:
    • Daggerboard.
    • Roller wheel.
    • More stability.
    • Full EVA deck.
  • Multiple insert positions (beginner/intermediate/advanced).
  • Durable and tough construction.
In comparison

Star S

Compared to the Starsurfers, both ranges offer shapes and features that make learning windsurfing easier. However, the Start S, with its special comfort, stability and practicality features, is more dedicated to pure learning.

The Starsurfers are more progressive as the smaller shape is more advanced. It is more suitable if you are looking for a board that will also allow you to progress to higher levels on the same board you learn on.

Compared to the ProKids, both ranges are dedicated to sailors under 55kg, however the Start S is a pure entry-level model dedicated to learning.

The ProKids are more suitable if you are looking for a more advanced and high performance board for kids already sailing with the harness and footstraps.

Compared to the Start L and M, all three models are pure dedicated entry-level models. However, the Start S is the smallest of the three, making it suitable for sailors under 55kg.

The Start L and M will be more suitable if you are looking for a dedicated beginnerís board for sailors over 55kg.

Star M and Start L

Compared to the Start S, all three models are pure dedicated entry-level models. However, the Start M and L are larger in volume and width, giving it much more stability needed by sailors over 55kg.

The Start S will be more suitable if you are looking for a dedicated beginnerís board for sailors under 55kg.

Compared to the GO range, both ranges allow the user to learn to windsurf and progress. However, the Start is much more pure beginner orientated, with its list of special features designed to make learning as easy and as accessible as possible.

The GO boards are more progressive freeride shapes, designed to make the progression to high level windsurfing fast and exciting. To be suitable for beginners, the GO boards will need to be fitted with the optional side fins.

Model Volume Length Width Tail Tufskin
Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Start S 150 litres 240 cm. 85 cm. 57.0 cm. 12.3 kg Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Daggerboard XS + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-9.0
Start M 205 litres 259 cm. 90 cm. 63.1 cm. 14.4 kg Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Daggerboard L + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-9.5
Start L 225 litres 253 cm. 101 cm. 73.3 cm. 15.4 kg Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Daggerboard L + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-11.5

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