Ultra-lightweight boards that will deliver blistering bursts of acceleration and warp speed in high winds.
The Sonics are pure slalom boards designed for unlimited top end speed and absolute control in consistent and strong winds.

These boards will appeal to slalom racers and advanced windsurfers looking for an ultra-lightweight board that will deliver blistering bursts of acceleration and warp speed in high winds.

Rail shapes are designed for grip and power under your feet, with a lightly tucked-under shape for a powerful and fast jibing advantage at the mark.

This year, for improved responsiveness and control, the Sonic 95 has a thinner nose than its predecessor, the Word Champion Sonic 100. The brand new Sonic 85 is based on the same design concept, but it sports a more slender rocker and a narrower outline designed for super-high winds. The Sonic 85 ultimately becomes Starboard's fastest model.
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85 Wood 95 Wood

"Remaining supremely controlled at all times, it feels incredibly efficient under foot and accelerating with every gust, possessing a seemingly limitless top-speed. You find yourself constantly hunting for more powerful gusts to push the Sonic to new levels; such is its thirst for more energy. This insatiable desire to go faster coupled with its controllable nature make it a devastating board for use over distance in powered conditions.

Verdict: A true slalom thoroughbred, the Sonic has a limitless top-speed and the straight line control to match. Coming into its own in powered or over-powered conditions, it is recommended for those that want the chance to be the fastest on the water."

Windsurf magazine UK, May 2005

Narrower outlines for maximum control and reduced drag in high winds.

Rail shapes designed for control and power with a sharp-release edge for maximum efficiency and a slight tuck for smooth, powerful jibes with fast exit speeds.

Racing finish on the bottom for minimum weight and higher accuracy.

Recessed mast tracks for added control.

Slender rockers for an efficient ride over chop.

Ultra-lightweight racing straps weighing a mere 90g dry. They are designed to absorb a minimum amount of water, saving up to a total of 400-500g.

  • Pure high-wind slalom machines.
  • Unlimited top-end speed and acceleration.
  • Ultra-lightweight Wood construction.
In comparison

Compared to the iSonics, both ranges are pure slalom boards. However, the Sonics are only about pure top-end speed and maximum control in high winds. Their narrower outlines need strong and consistent winds to perform at full potential, unleashing unlimited speeds and a demanding, technical ride.

The iSonics are about maximum speed over a wide wind range. The iSonics achieve this by being wider than classic shapes, and by utilizing innovative features like the lower, shorter square nose and side-cuts.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD

Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Sonic 85 85 litres 245 cm. 56 cm. 36.5 cm. 6.0 kg Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 300 5.0-7.0
Sonic 95 95 litres 245 cm. 58.5 cm. 38.7 cm. 6.3 kg Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 320 5.5-7.8

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