The S-Types are high speed, slalom based, freeride racers
that use a blend of Kevin Pritchard's acclaimed Sonic 100 slalom rocker - combined with the Carves' freeride outlines and thin, rounded rails. The S-Type will deliver a fast and crisp slalom-type ride in a straight line with more comfort and more maneuverability than pure slalom boards. They jibe smoothly with the grip and confidence to keep their speed in the turns. Short noses and inboard strap settings make it suitable for Supercross action - when reduced swing weight and extra maneuverability are needed to perform speed loops and spocks.

S-Types boards will appeal to windsurfers who want a dose of high speed action to go with their freeriding without the technical complications of a pure slalom board.

This year, the thickness in the nose of the S-Types has been reduced to move the board's center of gravity farther back, giving more control and improved responsiveness. The rails just ahead of the mast tracks have been beefed up to compensate for the volume and actually reduce catching or sinking midway through a jibe.
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93 Dram 104 Wood 115 Dram 126 Wood 137 Dram

"Almost playing in the slalom program, this S-Type offers unbelievable performance potential and a jibe to take your breath away.
A definitive sporting board that will seduce those looking for adrenalin rushes and who want to do more than just be fast."

Planchemag France, Special Test issue 2005. Top scorer in its category.

"Jaw-dropping speed"
Windsurfing mag USA, April 05

Only board to get top score for speed by
German Surf mag test June 05.

bd_S-type_006.jpg bd_S-type_004.jpg bd_S-type_008.jpg bd_S-type_009.jpg bd_S-type_003.jpg
The new nose shape is thinner to help reduce swing weight and move the board's center of gravity further back. This adds to the board's natural responsiveness and control. Domed deck for extra comfort and grip in all strap positions. Thin soft rails and a rounded outline for extra carving grip and smooth, fast jibing performance. Short nose for high levels of control and responsiveness, with easier speed-looping abilities. Inboard strap settings for maximum maneuverability and Supercross action.
Outboard strap settings for maximum control and speed.

  • High-speed slalom-based freeride shapes.
  • More comfortable and maneuverable than pure slalom boards.
  • Freeride rails and outline make for smooth, fast jibes.
  • Inboard strap settings for Supercross action.
In comparison

Compared to the Carve range, the S-Type boards offer a more slalom-style ride and a more ‘locked-in’ high-speed stability feel. The boards are shorter for more top end control and responsiveness, at the expense of being more technical to ride.

The Carve range would be more suitable if the user is looking for more jibing fun, user-friendliness and maneuverability.

Compared to the F-Type range, the S-Type boards have a higher reaching speed, capable of powerful jibes within a windier range of conditions. The S-Type boards are also more maneuverable than the F-Types.

The F-Types would be more suitable if the user is looking for a bigger sail range, some lighter-wind performance, more upwind ability and a more Formula-racing feel.

Compared to the Sonics and iSonics, the S-Type boards have a better jibing performance, more maneuverability and are more comfortable. They also have inboard footstrap positions for better accessibility and Supercross abilities. The construction of the S-Type boards is also stronger than that of the lightweight Sonics.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
S-Type 93 93 litres 242 cm. 59.5 cm. 37.7 cm. 6.5 kg. 6.8 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride 280 4.0-6.5
S-Type 104 104 litres 242 cm. 60.5 cm. 39.1 cm. 6.6 kg. 6.9 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride 290 4.5-6.8
S-Type 115 115 litres 242 cm. 64 cm. 40.1 cm. 6.9 kg. 7.2 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride 330 4.8-7.2
S-Type 126 126 litres 245 cm. 67 cm. 45.1 cm. 7.0 kg. 7.3 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride 390 5.0-8.0
S-Type 137 137 litres 244 cm. 72 cm. 47.2 cm. 7.45 kg. 7.7 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride 480 5.4-8.5

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