The Rio is an ultra-stable, comfortable, and progressive board that will suit entry level sailors and those looking to progress as easily as possible.

Based on the same wide and voluminous designs of the Start, the Rio features super-fat rails in the midsection for extra stability and a sand-proof daggerboard system. The full EVA deck ensures comfort; the multiple insert positions cater for beginners to advanced sailors; and the round, thin tail outline improves jibing.

The Rio will allow you to learn and progress in windsurfing quickly and easily. The wide, shallow fin provides good forward motion and control. With an optional Racing fin fitted, advanced windsurfers will be surprised with its speed and performance.
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Rio S Rio M Rio L

Integrated mast impact protector

Shape designed for maximum stability and to get planing quickly.

Slight concave in the nose helps guide the beginner's feet around a tacking maneuver.

Center carry handle.

Sand-proof Clipperbox daggerboard system

Slight convex ridge along the center line helps guide the beginner's feet to stay close the board's center.
Nose carry handle for convenience.

Extra fat rails in the midsection enhance stability.

EVA Tufskin construction for maximum durability, comfort, and value

4 insert positions: beginner, intermediate to advanced.

Full EVA deck for maximum comfort

  • Stable, comfortable, and easy board for all.
  • Many versatility and comfort features:
  • Daggerboard.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • Full EVA deck.
  • Wide shallow fin for forward motion and control.
  • Multiple insert positions (beginner/intermediate/advanced).
  • Durable and tough construction.
  • Performance with an optional Race fin fitted.
In comparison

Compared to the Start, both models are designed to offer maximum stability and comfort with wide outlines, plenty of midsection volume, a full EVA deck and a daggerboard system. The Rio however does not have the Roller Wheel in the tail. With more upmarket graphics, the Rio will appeal to many private buyers because it is not branded as a school product.

The Start will be more suitable if you are looking for a pure beginner product, with the added convenience of a Roller Wheel. The Start usually appeals more to windsurfing schools and clubs.

Compared to the GO range, both ranges allow the user to learn to windsurf and progress. However, the Rio with its daggerboard is much more beginner orientated, with its list of special features designed to make learning as easy and as accessible as possible.

The GO boards are more progressive freeride shapes, designed to make the progression to high level windsurfing fast and exciting. To be suitable for beginners, the GO boards will need to be fitted with the optional side fins.

Model Volume Length Width Tail
Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Rio S 150 litres 235 cm. 85 cm. 56.0 cm. 11.7 kg Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Daggerboard XS + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-9.0
Rio M 205 litres 258 cm. 90 cm. 62.0 cm. 13.9 kg. Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Daggerboard L + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-9.5
Rio L 225 litres 253 cm. 101 cm. 74.4 cm. 14.6 kg. Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Daggerboard L + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-11.5

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