The ProKids team has taken the World by storm, and Jaeger Stone went as far as to even win over the 04 PWA wave champion.
These scaled down boards provide light sailors 20- 55kg with the tools to improve their learning curve drastically. Many say it's all incredible, others know it's pure numbers. Once moved on to these adapted high-performance boards, there is a sudden step up to a new level of windsurfing.

Adults will also find the ProKids GO Tufskin and Formula Tufskin exciting and very fast boards to sail. The ProKids Sonic also doubles as an adult's speed board, capable of pushing speeds exceeding 40 knots.

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ProKids Acid
The smaller hardcore wave board. Jaeger Stone's favourite board. Developed by Jaeger's dad Mark Stone. Extremely thin and radical.
ProKids Evo
The bigger, more accessible wave board. Legendary Evo-style performance Connor Baxter's favourite model. Designed by World Champion Scott McKercher and Tiesda You.
ProKids S-Type
The accessible freeride blaster. Fast and comfortable blaster. Carve-style rails for exceptional jibing. Slalom board rocker for speed. Juergen Saragoza's (aged 7) favourite.
ProKids Flare
The new high speed freestyler. The pure action board for kids. Super-fast with its slalom rocker. Bjorn Saragoza's favourite. Miniature replica of Taty Frans' Flare models.
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ProKids Sonic
The pure slalom machine. Developed with Connor Baxter. Extremely fast.
Powerful jibing rails for high speed exits. Built also for adult use as a 40 knots + speed board.
ProKids GO Tufskin
The accessible progressive freerider. Extra comfortable with the large mono-pad. Centre fin box. Multiple insert positions. Inboard and outboard strap settings.
ProKids Formula Tufskin
The racing machine. Formula Experience class legal. Super-early planing and the widest wind range.
The larger Starsurfers are cool shapes that have the width, the volume, the comfort, the insert positions, and the center fin for kids to learn and progress on. Parents will also enjoy sailing the Starsurfer as its high-performance shape and durable construction make it a fun, recreational board too.

Extra-light kids' spec PVC construction on the high-performance models: ProKids Acid, ProKids Evo, ProKids S-Type, ProKids Flare, ProKids Sonic

Durable Tufskin construction for more value and strength: ProKids GO Tufskin, ProKids Formula Tufskin, Starsurfers

ProKids Summary:
  • The World's only range of performance boards for youngsters under 55 kg.
  • Takes young windsurfers to new levels.
  • Sonic / Formula / GO models also double as an adult's board.
In comparison

Compared to the adult models, the ProKids boards are smaller in length, width and volume. They are scaled down to suit windsurfers under 55kg. The ProKids boards have mast tracks further back to suit smaller sails and the footstrap inserts have a smaller stance.

Compared to the Starsurfers, the ProKids GO Tufskin is smaller in volume, making it more suitable for progressing windsurfers or a beginnerís board for the smallest of people.

The Starsurfers would be more suitable for beginners over 55kg.

Starsurfer Summary:
  • For entry-level and progressing kids.
  • Entry level features: large mono-pad, multiple insert positions, center fin box, durable construction.
  • Suitable for parents' recreational use as well.
In comparison

Compared to the ProKids models, both ranges are specially developed for kids. However, the Starsurfers have more volume making them more stable and accessible.

The multiple insert positions, the large and comfortable EVA deck, the more durable construction and the extra centre-fin box make the Starsurfers more suitable for beginners and progressing kids.

The ProKids boards are more radical as they are smaller and more high-performance orientated. The ProKids boards are designed for kids who already sail confidently in the footstraps and harness.

Compared to the Aero Wood /Dram, both ranges share the same shapes. However, the Starsurfers have a more durable and a more value-orientated construction. They also have beginner-specific features like the beginner/intermediate/advanced footstrap settings, a centre-fin Tuttle box, a large mono-pad and a centre carry handle.

The Aero Wood/Dram would be more suitable if you are looking for an adultís only high-performance board, built in a lighter, premium construction.

Compared to the Start S, both are developed for entry-level kids. However, the Starsurfers offer more potential for progression as the shape is more advanced, more exciting and more maneuverable. Kids will not out-grow the board as fast.

The Starsurfers also have a far more radical image than the Start S, and have less volume.

The Start S is more suitable if you are looking for a pure entry-level board, with maximum volume, maximum stability and maximum comfort. The Start S also features a retractable daggerboard and a roller-wheel in the tail, making learning to windsurf as easy as possible.

Model Volume Length Width
Wood Weight
Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
ProKids S-Type 72 litres 210 cm. 55 cm. 36.8 5.4 kg Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 260 2.0-6.0
ProKids Acid 48 litres 214 cm. 50 cm. 32.9 TBA US Drake Natural Wave 200 1.5-4.0
Prokids Evo 62 litres 219 cm. 54 cm. 34.4 5.7 kg US Drake Natural Wave 210 2.0-4.7
Prokids Formula 117 litres 217 cm. 93 cm. 69.8 TBA Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 620 3.0-8.5
Prokids Flare 60 litres 214 cm. 54 cm. 34.2 5.0 kg US Drake Style 200 2.0-4.7
Prokids Sonic 50 litres 212 cm. 48 cm. 31.5 4.6 kg Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 260 2.0-5.5
Prokids Go 100 litres 216 cm. 76 cm. 50.1 8.7 kg Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 400 + 2 plastic fins 1.0-7.5
Startsurfer S 117 litres 235 cm. 71 cm. 45.0 9.45 kg Tuttle x 2 Drake Freeride Flow 380 + 2 plastic fins 1.0-9.0
Startsurfer M 127 litres 235 cm. 74 cm. 46.5 9.7 kg Tuttle x 2 Drake Freeride Flow 400 + 2 plastic fins 2.0-9.5

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