The Kombats are cross-over convertible boards, designed as a one-board solution for wave-riding, dynamic freeriding, and freestyling.

These boards will appeal to advanced windsurfers who ride waves when the conditions are right and who like to blast around at speed or freestyle when the conditions are flatter. The Kombat's domed deck, multiple insert positions, extra long fin box, and two interchangeable fins allow tuning to be optimized between freeriding and waveriding.

This year, the Kombats have been revamped to become lighter, faster, crisper and wave-ride better. The main design updates are the new faster rockerlines and a flat-vee configuration adapted to the stretched Evo outlines.

"Majestic board to do it all, it's not only proud to have such an immense range of use, but also it especially delivers incredible performance either in terms of maneuverability in the waves or in acceleration-speed-jibing on flat water… This Kombat is a killer"
Wind magazine, March 2005.

"Short n' sassy come to mind. You can call it loose, advanced freerider, or a practical all-round big guy's waveboard. A great solution for one board to cover lots of the carvy range."
Windsport, Early Spring 2005.
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86 Dram 96 Wood 106 Dram
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Domed deck for comfort and grip whether using the inboard strap settings (wave/freestyle mode) or the outboard ones (freeride mode). Evo-inspired wide outlines for a wide wind range, a flowing waveriding style, and earlier planing. Fast rockerlines and flat-vee hull shape for improved speed and a crisp ride. Extra-long fin box for optimum freeride and wave tunings. Markings on the board indicate the recommended positions.

New! Ultra-high performance CNC G10 Wave Fin + Prepreg Freeride Flow Fin.
Soft, surfboard rails with a sharp release for a smooth, flowing carve and sharp acceleration.

Shock-absorbing heel bumpers.
  • One-board crossover, convertible solutions for wave-riding, freeriding and freestyling.
  • All new models are now lighter, faster, and crisper with more advanced wave-riding ability.
  • Multiple insert positions, 2 fins and an extra-long fin box allow for optimum trimming in freeride or wave mode.
In comparison

Compared to the Pure Acids and Evos, the Kombats are not purely dedicated to wave sailing, since they are also designed for flat-water blasting and freestyling too. The Kombats are therefore more suitable for the expert sailor who not only wave-rides, but also enjoys high speed blasting and freestyling in choppy or flat water conditions.

The Acid and Evo boards are more suitable for the sailor looking for a dedicated waveriding tool.

Compared to the Flares, the Kombats are also adapted to waveriding. They offer a more classic crossover feel, blending evenly the ability to wave-ride, to blast at high speed and jibe, and to freestyle. The Kombat’s convertible features like the long fin box and multiple insert positions allow for a more optimum freeride tuning.

The Flares are more ‘pure-freestyle’ orientated and are therefore more suitable for sailors who are into the new high-speed freestyle trend.

Compared to the Carves of similar volume (Carve 101), the Kombats are more adapted to radical, hardcore waveriding and freestyling than the Carve 101.

The Carve 101 is a faster and more balanced designed, made for freeriding.

Compared to the S-Types, the Kombats are again more adapted to waveriding. They are far more maneuverable than the S-Types, with much smoother and grippier carving abilities.

The S-Types are made for top end speed and limited freestyling in Supercross competitions, so in comparison they will be much faster with a more ‘locked-in slalom’ sailing position.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD
Fin box Fin size Sail size
Kombat 86 86 litres 241 cm. 59 cm. 38.9 cm. 6.8 kg. 7.1 kg. US Drake Freeride Flow 300 + Drake Natural Wave 240 4.0-6.0
Kombat 96 96 litres 244 cm. 62 cm. 39.6 cm. 6.9 kg. 7.2 kg. US Drake Freeride Flow 310 + Drake Natural Wave 250 4.5-6.5
Kombat 106 106 litres 245 cm. 65.5 cm. 40.9 cm. 7.3 kg. 7.6 kg. US Drake Freeride Flow 320 + Drake Natural Wave 260 5.0-7.5

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