bd_iSonic_mn.jpgThe iSonics are pure slalom boards that redefine maximum efficiency: maximum top end speed through a massive wind range, with the power to overtake competitors and the sharpness to accelerate with every gust.

These boards will appeal to slalom racers and advanced windsurfers looking for a board that will make them the fastest in a wide range of conditions. The square nose on these wide designs allow lower rockers than possible before on round-nose boards. A square nose carries more area than a rounded nose, which therefore generates more aerodynamic lift and provides more overall board length (even though the maximum length is shorter). The rocker can therefore sit much lower over the water, giving a much lower angle of attack over chop. The square nose's angle of attack is also lower aerodynamically, therefore generating both less drag and less excessive lift in gusts.

The iSonic glides ultra-efficiently and effortlessly over chop, with more control in strong winds.

iSonics are delivered with two fins to make the most of their massive wind range.

bd_iSonic_square_nose.jpg bd_iSonic_bottom.jpg bd_iSonic_tails_cut.jpg bd_iSonic_Rails.jpg bd_iSonic_bottom_cut.jpg
Innovation ! The low, square nose concept allows for an ultra- efficient rocker line that glides effortlessly through chop.

Super short lengths for maximum responsiveness, maximum control, and minimum inertia.

Wide outlines for more power, earlier planing, and a wider wind range.
Innovation ! Side-cuts create a release edge on the leeward rail. This edge, like the cut-aways, reduces drag and increases efficiency by providing a clean release to the water that flows over the leeward rail. Rail shapes designed for control and power, with a sharp-release edge for maximum efficiency and a slight tuck for smooth, powerful jibes with fast exit speeds. Tail cutaways reduce wetted surface and increase the wetted surface area's aspect ratio for maximum efficiency.

  • iSonics redefine maximum efficiency.
  • Maximum top-end speed with a massive wind range.
  • Powerful tail shapes for overtaking ease.
  • Lower and shorter square nose makes iSonics glide effortlessly through chop.
  • Low and shorter square nose brings optimum control in strong winds.
  • Two fins come as standard to make the most of the massive wind range.
In comparison

Compared to the Sonics, both ranges are pure slalom boards. However, the iSonics are about maximum speed over a wide wind range. The iSonics achieve this by being wider than classic shapes, and by utilizing innovative features like the lower, shorter square nose and side-cuts.

The smaller Sonics are only about pure top-end speed and maximum control in high winds. Their narrower outlines need strong and consistent winds to perform at full potential, unleashing unlimited speeds and a demanding, technical ride.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
iSonic 105 105 litres 233 cm. 63 cm. 42.9 cm. 6.35 kg 6.8 kg Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 340 (recommended for sails under 7.6)+
Drake Slalom 400 (recommended for sails over 6.9)
iSonic 115 115 litres 233 cm. 68 cm. 47.4 cm. 6.75 kg. 7.2 kg. Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 340 (recommended for sails under 7.6)+
Drake Slalom 420 (recommended for sails over 7.2)
iSonic 125 125 litres 230 cm. 75 cm. 50.7 cm. 7.1 kg 7.45 kg Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 360 (recommended for sails under 7.8)+
Drake Slalom 440 (recommended for sails over 7.5)
iSonic 135 135 litres 228 cm. 80 cm. 54.8 cm. 7.6 kg 7.9 kg Tuttle Drake Slalom Pro 380 (recommended for sails under 8.1)+
Drake Slalom 440 (recommended for sails over 7.8)

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