Following 2 years of hybrid development that started with the original Z-Class model come the Hybrid Formula and Hybrid Race. More R&D resources have been invested into the development of Starboard's Hybrid boards than any of our board programs before - because we simply believe that high performance boards with daggerboards are the fast forward tickets to the future.

These two Hybrids are modern, wide-style planing hulls with design features that make them fast, powerful and competitive in light winds, offering high levels of racing performance and a range of use from 2 knots of wind and up.

They will appeal to sailors who are looking for a high performance board that offers both non-planing and planing thrills, with the added versatility and power of a racing daggerboard. Hybrids are seen as modern alternatives to classic longboards that have only provided limited planing performance.

Suitable for light-wind lake cruising, summer sails and inland reservoirs, the Hybrids are also designed for racers who compete in the International Raceboard class, the new Hybrid Experience class or national hybrid classes.

The FFV in France have included the Hybrid Race and Hybrid Formula for their new Open youth hybrid class which replaces the one design IMCO board from 2006 up until 2010, and we look forward to seeing this new class grow and its structure adopted internationally.

Hybrid Formula Summary:

The Hybrid Formula is the more planing orientated design, with more power and a planing hull derived from Formula shapes.
  • The duck tail extends the water line length and reduces drag when non-planing.
  • The duck tail raises above the water when planing to reduce overall effective length, eliminating the feel of sailing a very long board, improving responsiveness, control and performance.
  • Square, powerful boxy rails are beveled at 5 degrees to allow the board to rail up and power off the rails on the upwind in non-planing and semi-planing modes.
  • Wide tail accommodates deeper fins for maximum power and upwind velocity.
bd_Hybrid_Formula.jpg bd_Hybrid_Race.jpg Hybrid Race Summary:

The Hybrid Race is narrower and more Raceboard-orientated with more comfort and more light wind efficiency, making it especially appealing to lightweights or light winds.
  • Deep double concaves reduce drag and allow the board to rail up and power off the rails in non-planing and semi-planing modes.
  • Deep double concaves allows for smaller fins to be used and offer added comfort and control in planing conditions.
  • Square boxy rails provide maximum lateral grip and power.
In comparison

Compared to the Formula, both offer early planing and maximum racing performance. However, the Hybrid Formula and Race’s performance extends into non-planing conditions, when the large daggerboard and non-planing design features make it competitive. The Formula would be more suitable if you are looking for maximum planing-only Racing performance, without the compromise of having the daggerboard or duck-tail’s extra weight.

Compared to the Start, both have a daggerboard system. However, the Hybrid Formula and Race offer far more racing performance in non-planing conditions and more racing performance in planing conditions: more speed, higher upwind and deeper downwind ability, and a more race like feel.

The Starts would be more suitable if you are looking for more stability, more durability, more comfort and more value. The Start, being dedicated for beginners, has several beginner-specific features and options not available on the Hybrid Formula: full EVA deck, beginner insert positions etc.

Compared to the Hybrid Carve, both boards follow the same design concept of high performance in both planing and non-planing modes. However, the Hybrid Formula and Race offer a pure racing type of performance, dedicated at going upwind and downwind as fast as possible – in either planing or non-planing modes.

The Hybrid Carve is more suitable if you are looking for a freeride board that works in planing and non-planing: it is livelier, more comfortable and more maneuverable.

Model Volume Length Width Tail DRAM
Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Hybrid Formula 230 litres 277cm (planing) / 297cm (non-planing) 82 cm. 64 cm. 15.7 kg Deep tuttle and Clipperbox Drake R13 Race 600 NR + Race daggerboard 6.0-11.0
Hybrid Race 220 litres 287 cm. 77 cm. 56 cm. TBA Deep tuttle and Clipperbox Drake R13 Race 540 NR + Race daggerboard 5.0-10.0

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