"Six years after its conception, the GO concept has remained true to its original philosophy: the board for all." Planchemag, France, June 2005 Special Summer test issue
The GO boards are the original wide,stable, and comfortable freeride boards for progressive windsurfers.

Using their Shallow fin, optional side fins, beginner footstrap positions, and carry handles, the GO boards are ideal for keen beginners, while the racing fin and racing heritage behind the board's shape make it exciting and fast for advanced users.

These boards will appeal to progressing windsurfers looking for a board that will be stable and comfortable to start with, and a high-performance, racy, freeride potential to look forward to.

This year, the GO Tufskins bring added value and durability with a quality finish, while the premium GO F.A.S.T. boards now become even lighter with reduced EVA on the deck. The new optional Clipper Wheel can clip on to the tail to make transporting the GO board a breeze.
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139 155 170 185

Planchemag, France, June 2005 Special Summer test issue

Learning: Introduced in 1998, the GO revolutionized windsurfing by being the first real wide-style compact board. Its program is to make you progress, learn to sail funboards, and plane. It offers you plenty of footstrap options, allowing you to get into them in the blink of an eye. Compared to other boards, it is livelier, it reacts more quickly to carving and to sail movements. It's more slippery and quicker.

Progressing: From GPS measurements, it's the quickest board on test. It's almost bordering on a sporty freeride category by virtue of its shape and equipment level. Fast to get planing in lightwinds, it goes very well upwind thanks to its excellent fin. Perfect for cruising, the GO board is at its best in Force 4/5 winds with those looking for a freeride board that is both accessible and sporty.

Conclusion:Sporty when you want it to be, the GO remains an accessible board to discover planing and jibing. Six years after its conception, the GO concept has not aged a bit, as it has remained true to its original philosophy: the board for all. A superb value for progressing or freeriding in the summer."
"Born in 1998, the GO from Starboard is undeniably the pioneering board of recreational fun Windsurfing. Fun, easy and with high-levels of performance, the GO keeps leading its little revolution even 7 years later! A true bestseller, the GO has found its public by making windsurfing both more accessible and more high performance."

Windsurf Journal, France, April 2005 (www.windsurfjournal.com)

"The GO, the revolution that made windsurfing accessible, allowing beginners to become autonomous within half a day. Others adopted it as an every day board. Others went as far as to take it out for back loops!"

Planchemag, France, June 2004

2/3 EVA deck of just 2mm thickness for extra comfort at a minimized weight.

Thin and heavily tucked-under rails and a rounded tail outline make the GO boards jibe exceptionally well.

Domed deck for extra comfort and grip in all strap positions.

3 levels of footstrap settings: Beginner strap settings for first-timers. Intermediate strap settings for a more accessible planing stance.
Outboard strap settings for maximum control, power and speed.

Drag-reducing cut-aways for higher speeds.
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Optional Roller Wheel Center Carry Handle Nose Carry Handle Optional Nose Protector Optional Side Fins

  • The original wide, stable, and comfortable freeride board.
  • Suitable for beginners with the Shallow fin, optional side fins, and beginner footstrap positions.
  • Suitable for more advance sailors with the racing fin and advanceed footstrap position.
In comparison

Compared to the Start range, the GO boards are lighter and more exciting to sail, with no cumbersome daggerboard systems. The GO boards are geared more towards progressive sailors, as opposed to absolute beginners, but with its full EVA deck, its beginner insert positions and its optional side fins, the GO can also transform itself into an ideal beginner board. Once planing, the GO boards will also deliver a far more sporting ride.

The Start boards would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a dedicated entry-level board in a more durable albeit heavier construction. The Start board targets a lower pricing bracket and incorporates a retractable daggerboard and Roller wheel for maximum practicality.

Compared to the Carve range, the GO boards’ shapes are geared towards stability and early planing performance by being relatively longer and wider. In planing conditions, they will have a more race-like performance with superior upwind capabilities, while maintaining a relatively smooth and easy jibing quality. The GO boards also offer more comfort than the Carves thanks to its 2/3 EVA deck.

The Carve boards would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a pure, high-adrenalin Freeride board that is dedicated to total blasting.

Model Volume Length Width Tail FAST


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
GO 139 139 litres 250 cm. 80 cm. 52.7 cm. 10.3 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 480
(+ Drake Shallow 410 on Tufskin model)
GO 155 155 litres 255 cm. 85 cm. 59.5 cm. 10.4 kg. 11.1 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 520
(+ Drake Shallow 410 on Tufskin model)
GO 170 170 litres 256 cm. 90 cm. 62.2 cm. 11.0 kg. 11.8 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 560
(+ Drake Shallow 410 on Tufskin model)
GO 185 185 litres 253 cm. 99 cm. 67.5 cm. 11.6 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 580 6.5-12.5

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