The Flares are the new, super-fast, freestyle/freeride, crossover blasters designed to accelerate, achieve high speeds, and spin tricks in all directions. Super-responsive and ultra-dynamic, the Flares invite you to push the limits of style.

These boards will appeal to freestylers who want to tweak their abilities with new levels of speed. Wide and stable, they also are excellent platforms to progress easily in freestyle. With high levels of comfort provided by the heel gutters , the Flares also appeal to those looking for a dynamic, fast, freeride board in high winds.
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94 Dram 104 Wood 114 Dram
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Innovation!Heel gutters give extra dome under the feet to avoid the flat-deck syndrome found in most freestyle boards and to lower the point of contact with your feet. More control, more comfort, more grip! Sharper rail edge for maximum release and sharper acceleration. Compact outlines for optimum responsiveness and minimal swing weight. Thin shapes for maximum aerial control and minimum swing weights. New trend! The use of a slalom rocker is the secret behind the new Flare's super speed and fast dynamics.

Exclusive Freestyle-specific construction that uses a Pine /Carbon/KevlarTM outer skin -- lightweight, high impact-resistant, and strong.

  • Introduces a new style of super-fast freestyle boards.
  • Innovation! All 3 Flares use the slalom rocker of the acclaimed Sonic 100.
  • Also suitable for those looking for a dynamic, high-wind, flat-water blaster.
  • Stable, comfortable and wide, they are a great platform for first-time freestylers.
In comparison

Compared to the Kombat range, the Flares are quicker off the mark, better for explosive aerial control, reverse sliding, rotational sliding, and better at going upwind: these are the most important factors for professional freestyling.

The Kombats would be more suitable if the rider is looking for more carving maneuverability with advanced wave-riding performance, freeride blasting ability and recreational-freestyle ability all in a ‘one board’ package.

Compared to the Carve range, the Flares are more dynamic and offer more dedicated Freestyle abilities by not compromising on aerial control and natural responsiveness. They would however not perform as well in straight-line, jibing and blasting conditions which the freeride Carves are dedicated at.

The Carve range would be more suitable for those who only occasionally try freestyle maneuvers, and spend more time blasting and jibing.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Flare 94 94 litres 242 cm. 60 cm. 36.1 cm. 6.3 kg. 7.0 kg. US Drake Style 220 4.5-6.0
Flare 104 104 litres 247 cm. 64.5 cm. 39.3 cm. 6.7 kg. 7.5 kg. US Drake Style 240 5.0-6.8
Flare 114 114 litres 247 cm. 64.5 cm. 39.3 cm. 7.0 kg. 7.7 kg. US Drake Style 240 5.2-7.0

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