The F-Types are high performance, light-wind, freeracing machines designed to triple the number of days you can windsurf.

With plenty of racing fun, the F-Types handle the biggest sails to provide an alternative to waiting for windier days.

Their wide-style outlines, comfortable nature and multiple insert positions make them stable and accessible platforms - for keen, progressing recreational sailors as well as wind-tested experts.

These boards will appeal to windsurfers wanting to windsurf while waiting for windier days and to progressing sailors who want a stable, accessible wide board capable of more thrilling racing performance.

"F-Type alters perception of light-wind sailing with ballistic planing ( and coasting) power. Lightweights and Formula foes had no control issues with its width . Point and go - upwind , downwind, beam reaching - it did it, quite often when its rivals could only schlog."
Windsurfing Mag USA , May 05.
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138 Dram 148 Wood 158 Dram

Wide outline also provides plenty of stability, making F-Types accessible and progressive.

Short outlines for responsiveness and control.

Domed deck for extra comfort and grip.

Wide-style designs with a wide tail for lightwind power and blistering accelerations.

bd_F-Type_mn.jpg Thin soft rails and a rounded tail outline for extra carving grip, comfortable control and smooth jibing

Inboard strap settings for a more accessible stance.

Outboard strap settings for power and speed.


Cut-aways in the tail reduce wetted-surface area and increase the planing surface's aspect ratio, minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency.

  • High-performance light-wind Freerace machines.
  • Stable and accessible boards for progressing sailors looking to step up to higher levels of performance.
  • F-Types are the alternative to waiting for windier days: they can triple a windsurfer's on-the-water time.
In comparison

Compared to the larger Carves (133, 144, 162), the F-Types are more race-orientated, delivering a more locked-in racing feel with real Formula-like power to handle large sails and large fins. The F-Types fly upwind and go deep downwind, unlike the Carves that mainly are made for reaching in and out. The F-types are also wider, making them laterally more stable.

The Carves would be more suitable for a pure freerider, when the sailor is looking for a more “reach & jibe” style of sailing.

Compared to the S-Types, the F-Types offer a wider wind-range, bringing performance sailing to lower wind limits with greater power and better upwind/downwind abilities. They do not jibe or maneuver as well as the S-Types that are much narrower. However, being wider means that the F-Types have the lateral stability to suit progressing sailors.

The S-Types would be more suitable if you are looking for more medium to high wind orientated designs, with high slalom-type performance. Narrower widths mean that the S-Type will be more maneuverable but more technically demanding.

Compared to the Formulas, the F-Types are more accessible with their inboard inserts, rounded deck shapes and softly tucked rails. They jibe better than the Formulas and have a much higher fun factor. The construction of the F-Type boards is also stronger than that of the ultra-lightweight Formulas.

The Formulas are more suitable for ultimate Course-racing performance, with maximum speed in lightwind and upwind conditions, at the expense of poorer maneuverability, accessibility and comfort.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
F-Type 138 138 litres 222 cm. 88 cm. 60.3 cm. 8.0 kg. 8.5 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 520 5.0-10.0
F-Type 148 148 litres 222 cm. 96 cm. 67.0 cm. 8.6 kg. 9.2 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 560 5.5-10.5
F-Type 158 158 litres 231 cm. 100 cm. 73.1 cm. 9.5 kg. 10.0 kg. Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 640 6.0-12.5

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