The development for the 2006 season has been a year of challenges.

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Tiesda You
B.Eng Hons (IMechE)
Head of Starboard Concepts, Design and Development

"At the age of 26, Tiesda You is already something different. Shaper for the Starboard brand, he has created an impressive number of mythological boards. Of French nationality, Cambodian origin and born in Sudan, Tiesda grew up in Qatar shaping boards before moving to London to pursue studies in engineering, fluid dynamics and composite materials at UCL. A shaping prodigy and a master of curves."Portrait by Planchemag, April 2004.
Per Anderson. A Swede bred in the waves of Western Australia, Per shapes, tests, and now manages the day-to-day operations in Starboard's workshop. Over the last year, Per has brought in a new level of quality and precision to our work. Still the pure perfectionist. Koltd Black. The chief graphic artist whose talent adorns Starboard boards. Mixing windsurfing inspiration with tattoos, comics, beer and, this year, iPods, he has both a unique graphic and working style. "Board graphics," he says, "should be evolutionary and consistent for long term quality, yet with a strong, soulful identity. Something flashy is just short-term fashion." Herr Udo Busshoff. Starboard's product designer in charge of developing parts and accessories is a meticulous and extremely creative character with a thorough understanding of functionality and design aesthetics. After years of experience in a performance sports retail shop, a diploma in Product design, and now years of experience as a windsurfing parts designer, Mr. German Precision can boast a range of innovative products in his portfolio.
pp_ddnimit.jpg Nimit Pormjan, Gob Sewakul, Pracha Nai Win, Peak Sakarin, and Pop Singhin represent the leading workshop craftsmen of exceptional talent and ability. They make all Starboard prototypes and masters -- however big, small, or challenging -- with painstaking accuracy and precision. pp_ddgroup.jpg

We simply were not allowed to compromise. Our goal for the new Slick Strap was to make it quicker to adjust than any existing quick-adjusting strap and to be more comfortable than a wave strap, yet even lighter. We determined to make the Tiki Tool the World's most adaptable windsurfer's screw driver, working even when your hands are wet to deliver the torque needed to tighten footstraps properly.

When we started to develop the new K9 Anti-Twist system, we dared to make it even more effective, more functional, and simpler to use - and it had to weigh even less than regular inserts. The Clipper Wheel simply had to work on sand, add zero weight to the board on the water, and not get in the way while sailing. The solution was to make it removable with a simple click. While we were at it, we made it compatible with the new board bags, so that you can now roll your gear around all over the place, from the car, to low-tide beaches, and through airport terminals.

We weren't happy with the look of the deep-Tuttle fin bolt holes either. It was standard to leave the hole as a hole, but we thought it would be nicer to trim the holes with a white rubber trim-disc.

Many developments last year were carried through, like the Sand-Proof Clipperbox used on the Start and Rios, the ultra-lightweight, low water-absorption Race straps used on the Sonics and Formulas, and the uni-directional Fish Scale Pad Texture, and the now industry-standard Safety Washer.

As for board shapes, we made over 240 different prototype shapes this year. Some of them were to make straight forward improvements on existing models; others, like the Hybrid series and iSonics, were developed to break new grounds.

But more boards than ever were made simply to experiment, to investigate and to understand new design theories: aerodynamic lift and its effects on the nose of a board -- a board's optimum angle of attack on incoming chop -- reducing hydrodynamic drag in the tail -- the effects of a planing surface's aspect ratio -- optimizing the leverage between fin/planing surface's width and footstrap position -- the relationship between a board's centerline rocker and its outside-edge's rocker.

The boards and accessories presented in the following pages mark the 11th anniversary of Starboard. The 2006 Starboard Product Line represents the result of an 11-year development journey that started in 1995: A journey to take windsurfing to the next level.

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