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101 Dram 111 Wood 122 Dram 133 Wood 144 Dram 162 Wood

The award-winning and legendary Carves are pure freeride boards designed for simple, exciting, and high-performance plug-and-play ability. Fast, comfortable, and maneuverable, the Carves excel at jibing and provide an exhilarating, crisp, and free ride.

These boards will appeal to intermediate and advanced windsurfers who want a board that delivers great thrills in simplicity and comfort -- all in a balanced package of speed, maneuverability, and control.

This year, the Carves have been updated with new breakthroughs such as the reduced Vee concept to make them ride even faster and crisper with improved jibing quality.
These new Carves have wider tails and shorter lengths, while the construction and number of inserts have all been revised to offer class leading weights.

As bold as it sounds, we have just improved a legend.

"The maneuverability and jibes are incredible, the initiation is direct and fast, then the carving is grippy and very smooth all the way to the exit. Verdict: a pure freerider with a very versatile and balanced behavior in a wide range of conditions, that particularly likes to go fast and track stupefying jibes"
Wind magazine France on the Carve 101, Special Test issue 2005.
"Even after years of tests, the Carve evolves year after year with its soul unchanged. That of a stable board, very forgiving and with a magic touch on the water. If there are any sure-bets on the market, the Carve is one of them" "It's the multi-public board, 100% freeride, ideal for a cruising or a sporting ride, whatever your level. An ambassador of a board."
Planchemag France, April 2005
Highest total score with 93%, on the Carve 111, Surf magazine Germany May 2005.

Highest total score with 92%, on the Carve 111, Planchemag France April 2005.

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Multiple insert positions give a wide range of tuning options and versatility for different ability levels and personal windsurfing styles. The Carve 133, 144 and 162 have an additional third row of inserts to make them super-accessible. Domed deck for optimum comfort in any strap setting. The legendary Carve's original trendsetting wide and rounded outlines have brought wide wind range, comfortable ride, and exceptional jibing abilities to the class. Thin, maneuverability- oriented rails and shapes. Reduced Vee between your feet gives the board a higher and freer ride with greater speed and improved maneuverability. The curvature of the board's rocker along the outline edge is implicitly greater.

Flat tails and mini-cutaways in the Carve 133, 144 and 162 produce maximum speed, greater release, and more efficient acceleration.

  • Pure Freeride shapes.
  • A legendary name: still winning recommendations and tests outright in magazines the world over.
  • Thrilling, fast, maneuverable, and comfortable: all in a balanced package.
  • New models feature new breakthrough concepts like Reduced Vee and Zero Vee.
  • All-new construction combines super-light weight with the same legendary reliability.
In comparison

Compared to the S-Types, both lines offer plug and play ability. However, the Carves are more orientated towards fun freeriding in comfort without sacrificing the thrill of an excitingly crisp ride. They excel at jibing and are more maneuverable, making them more fun in a bump and jump scenario.

The S-Types would be more suitable if you are looking for higher speeds and a more locked-in, powerful, slalom like ride, with better jibing qualities than what a full slalom board would deliver. The S-Types are also suitable for Supercross-type events.

Compared to the F-Types, both ranges are user-friendly and comfortable, with a design emphasis on lightwind use (Carve 133, 144 and 162). However, these Carves are more orientated towards jibing fun and a crisp ride. Because they are longer, some may find the Carves are more stable longitudinally and therefore more accessible.

The F-Types deliver more racing thrills, a wider wind range and earlier planing abilities. They do not jibe as well, but have far superior upwind performance and quicker light-wind abilities.

Compared to the GO, the Carves of similar volumes (133, 144 and 162) are thinner, especially around the rails. This and their more rounded outlines make them more maneuverable and more carving orientated.

The GO would be more suitable for those looking for more comfort and more accessibility. The outlines are less rounded making them plane up and accelerate quicker at the expense of reduced maneuverability. The GO also has beginner strap positions and side fin inserts for entry level use, and an EVA deck for added comfort.

Compared to the Kombats, the Carve of similar volume (the 101) is more geared towards fast in-and-out sailing with excellent jumping and jibing abilities, capable of only basic freestyling and waveriding.

The Kombats may not be as fast in straight-line high-speed blasting, but they are far superior in maneuverability and wave riding ability. They are excellent for crossing over between wave riding, freeriding and freestyling thanks to their blend of fast Acid rockers, stretched Evo outlines.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Carve 101 101 litres 247 cm. 62 cm. 40.5 cm. 6.8 kg. 7.1 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 300 4.5-7.0
Carve 111 111 litres 250 cm. 65.5 cm. 43.3 cm. 7.2 kg 7.6 kg Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 340 4.7-7.5
Carve 122 122 litres 252 cm. 68.5 cm. 43.9 cm. 7.1 kg. 7.5 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 380 5.1-8.0
Carve 133 133 litres 254 cm. 72 cm. 46.8 cm. 7.7 kg 7.95 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 480 5.4-9.0
Carve 144 144 litres 256 cm. 78 cm. 52.1 cm. 8.3 kg 8.6 kg Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 480 5.8-9.5
Carve 162 162 litres 257 cm. 82 cm. 54 cm. 8.8 kg. 9.1 kg Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 520 6.1-10.0

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