The Aeros are cross-over, bump-and-jump boards for light to medium winds.

They can carry sails up to 9.0m2 and get planing earlier than any other cross-over board, giving an ultra-maneuverable and dynamic performance with the widest wind range.

These boards will appeal to high-wind surfers looking to extend their medium and lighter wind sailing time. Advanced freeriders will appreciate it for something more exciting in medium to light winds. More dynamic and maneuverable than any other wide-style board, the Aero excels at light-wind wave riding and begs you to carve hard, loop, and jump.

Delivered with two fins and with 2 sets of insert positions, the Aero can be tuned for freeriding or for maximum maneuverability.
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117 Dram 127 Wood
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Domed deck for comfort and grip -- whether using the inboard strap settings (wave/freestyle mode) or the outboard ones (freeride mode). Super short, wide-style outline for maximum responsiveness and minimum momentum. Straighter rocker in the tail for a greater speed and a crisper, sharper ride.

Zero Vee between your feet and plenty of vee under the mast track and tail make the Aeros ride high and free, whereas the resulting increased curvature of the rocker along board's outline edge give unprecedented levels of dynamic maneuverability in a wide board.
Soft, tucked, Evo-shaped rails with a sharp release edge for a smooth, biting carving ability and crisp straight-line speed with sharp accelerations. Two fins are supplied as standard: a fast freeride blaster and one XL wave fin.

Inboard strap settings for maximum maneuverability. Outboard strap settings for bump-and-jump freeriding.


  • Light to medium wind cross-over board.
  • Our most maneuverable and dynamic wide-style board.
  • Carries a wide variety of sails (9.5 down to 5.0) for a massive range of use.
  • Can be set up for full freeride mode or full maneuverability mode.
In comparison

Compared to the Kombats, both ranges offer bump and jump cross-over performances, from freeriding to wave sailing. However, the Aeros are designed for lighter winds and to cover a wider range of sail sizes.

The Kombats would be more suitable if you were looking for a cross-over bump and jump board for medium to strong winds.

Compared to the Carves of similar width and wind range (Carve 133, 144, 162), the Aeros are far more maneuverable and dynamic, inviting you to jump and loop even in light winds. The Aeros will remain more technical as their volumes are lower and their lengths much shorter.

The Carve 133, 144 and 162 are pure freeride boards with more comfort and balance for more plug-and-play user friendliness. Not needing to ride waves, the Carves also have a faster straight-line ride with sharper accelerations and better upwind ability.

Compared to the Carves of similar volume (Carve 111 and 122), the Aeros offer more lightwind performance as they are wider. Because of this extra width, the also have a wider sail range and are easier to sail than the Carves of the same volume.

These Carves are more suitable for those looking for classic freeriding in medium to strong winds only, with more speed and less compromise towards light-wind wave sailing or maneuverability in light winds.


Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Aero 117 117 litres 235 cm. 71 cm. 45 cm. 7.2 kg. 7.5 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 380 + Drake Wave TT 300 5.0-8.5
Aero 127 127 litres 235 cm. 74 cm. 46.5 cm. 7.5 kg. 7.8 kg. Tuttle Drake Freeride Flow 400 + Drake Wave TT 300 5.5-9.0

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