Pure Acid is a pure, classic wave board designed for fast and powerful waves.

These boards will appeal to those who like a fast and precise wave riding style with a direct carving feel. While they suit a narrower range of conditions for optimum performance, the Acids remain the ultimate for pure sideshore wave riding.

This year, the all new line of Pure Acids were developed with Kevin Pritchard (for the 80 and 86 sizes) and with Levi Siver (for the 73 size).

The 80 and 86 have become slightly wider for more versatility and to cover a wider wind range. The new fast rockers, flat-vee and hard rail features make them extremely fast and free, while the reduced thickness and finer rails give them added control and grip.

The 73 is based on the acclaimed 2005 Acid 70, but with an outline between an Evo and an Acid. Extra wide and round, the Pure Acid 73 has a flowing character like the Evo but with greater speed from its fast rocker -- an explosive mix in powerful waves.
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73 Dram 80 Wood 86 Dram
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Increased widths for added versatility and wind range.

Mono-concave to double-concave bottom shape on the 73 model - for more grip.

Flat-vee configuration that increases in angle towards the tail on the 80 and 86 models -- for more release and speed.
Softer rail shapes and a wide, Evo-inspired outline gives a more flowing character to the 73 model.

Sharper rail edge on Kevin Pritchard 80, 86 models -- for maximum release and sharper acceleration.
Thin shapes for maximum control and responsiveness

Ultra-strong Dur-X construction standard.

Shock-absorbing heel bumpers.
New ! Ultra-high performance CNC G10 Wave Fins.
  • Pure, classic wave boards.
  • Designed for fast and powerful waves in sideshore conditions.
  • New developments have made Pure Acid more versatile.
  • 80 and 86 models designed with Pritchard for speed and maximum carving grip.
  • 73 model designed with Siver for a fast, explosive and flowing style.
In comparison :

Compared to the Evo range, the Pure Acids deliver more hard-edged carving combined with more classic rail–to-rail waveriding performance. While they suit a narrower range of conditions for optimum performance, the Acids remain the ultimate for pure sideshore wave riding.

The Evos would be more suitable is you were looking for a board to wave-ride a variety of waves in a variety of conditions. The Evos also have a different style: more flowing, more fluid and keen on big, tweaked aerials.

Compared to the Kombat range, the Pure Acids are more dedicated to pure waveriding without any performance compromise towards freestyling or freeriding.

The Kombats are one-board crossover solutions for freestyling, flat-water blasting and waveriding. They would be more suitable for radical sailors who do not only wave-ride, but also enjoy freeriding and freestyling in a variety of conditions.

Model Volume Length Width Tail WOOD


Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Pure Acid 73 73 litres 239 cm. 55 cm. 34.9 cm. 6.2 kg. 6.8 kg. US Drake Natural Wave 220 2.5-5.0
Pure Acid 80 80 litres 242 cm. 56 cm. 33.3 cm. 6.4 kg. 7.0 kg. US Drake Natural Wave 230 3.5-5.5
Pure Acid 86 86 litres 245 cm. 59 cm. 35.3 cm. 6.8 kg. 7.4 kg. US Drake Natural Wave 240 4.2-6.0

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