Board bags

The popular Starboard board bags are sized to fit all Starboard models, from the biggest Hybrid down to the smallest ProKids board.

Innovative features:
  • New! Clipper Wheel discs for compatibility with the Starboard's Clipper Wheel: clip the wheel on to make transporting your gear from the car park to the beach or around airport terminals a breeze!
  • Split tail design makes fitting a finned board easy.
  • Security loops: by inserting roof rack straps through the security loop, the board will remain secure in case the straps loosen while being transported on the roof of a car.
  • Stomp pad: step on the stomp pad as you insert the board into the bag to prevent the board bag from moving away from you.
  • Large reflective surface on one side helps prevent overheating inside the bag. It is not recommended however to leave the boardbag and board for prolonged periods of time under direct sunlight.
  • Please refer to the separate 2006 board bag sizing chart for board model compatibility click here

acc_ClipperWheel.jpgClipper Wheel

The Clipper Wheel from Starboard is as its name implies, simply a large roller-wheel that clips on to the tail of virtually any board with a Tuttle box. With its large diameter wheel, the Clipper Wheel functions on all surfaces including sand. Primarily designed for the staff at windsurfing schools, the wheel clips on and off in an instant without the need for any additional tools. Being able to remove the wheel at the water's edge leaves you a clean board. For the more regular sailor, it is also convenient to have the Clipper Wheel system clipped on to your boardbag: it makes it easy to transport your full kit in one go from the garage to the car, from car park down to the water, or around the airport from one terminal to another.
  • Clips on and off in an instant without tools.
  • Works on sand

Tiki Tool

4 designers, 24 months' of R&D to create the best screwdriver for windsurfers:
  • Wide grip design for maximum torque
  • Micro-texture rubber grip that works even when wet
  • Semi-rigid rubber grip for comfort + power
  • Top grade CR-V chrome vanadium steel bit
  • Heat treated and hardened tip
  • Philips head designed to fit standard footstrap screws perfectly, with maximum contact and torque

Safety Washer

The smart Starboard safety washers are developed especially to protect the feet, sail and boom from fin screw heads that protrude above the deck's surface.


Accessory bag

  • All the standard metric Tuttle bolts in different lengths
  • Footstrap screws
  • Footstrap washers
  • M4 bolts for US fin boxes
  • M4 brass plates for US fin boxes
  • Brass T-plates for the mast track
  • Safety washers for Deep-Tuttle fin boxes
  • Rubber washers for the standard Tuttle fin bolts
  • Metal washers for the fin bolts
  • Air-valve bolts with rubber O-Ring
Roof-rack pads
  • Low profile design
  • Abrasion resistant reinforcement for improved durability against a board's non-slip deck

Fin bags
  • Stashes up to 10 x 70cm fins
  • Side pocket to store screw drivers and spare bolts

HD mast-impact protectors

To be glued on to the nose of any board with high-performance contact adhesive or cyanoacry-late (superglue), the HD mast impact protectors provide the most effective mast-impact protection at the lowest weight.The HD mast-impact protector is built in 3 layers for maximum protection:
Layer 1: Rigid plastic disperses the impact energy over a large area
Layer 2: High density EVA backs the rigid plastic to prevent excessive deformation
Layer 3: Thick, low density EVA absorbs the impact energy
Grey/black colour combo makes it blend into most board graphics. Please refer to the separate 2006 HD mast-impact protector sizing chart for board model compatibility click here


Flag, Wind Sock & Banner

Starboard windsocks banners and flag indicate the wind strength and show the wind direction even in the lightest of winds. A fun reminder for when conditions are good to go.

Slick strap
  • Designed for comfort and control
  • Super quick size adjustment
  • Exclusive top flap design does not strip open under load or when exposed to water flow
  • Premium grade neoprene
  • Abrasion-resistant top cover
  • Slim and lightweight
  • 120g dry weight
  • Saves 200g in total per board compared to standard straps

Race strap
  • Designed for minimum weight and minimum water absorbtion
  • Size adjustment via footstrap screws only
  • Premium grade neoprene
  • 90 g dry weight
  • Saves 400g dry in total per board compared to standard straps (up to 800g when wet)

Mast bases & extensions

Zero extension mast base
50 cm extension mast base
"North-pin to push-pin" converter
Universal joint

acc_leash.jpgStart Leash

The Start leash system gives beginners more con-fidence and the chance to be completely independent by making learning alone or without supervision safer. The leash also helps instructors by preventing students from drifting away. One end of the leash is to be attached to a fixed object, or held by an instructor. The other end clips onto the safety leash loop fitted on the bottom of the board's centre.
  • The leash, being attached to the centre of the board and not the tail, no longer interferes with the board's behaviour.
  • Lead weights sink the leash around the board's active zone, preventing the fin or daggerboard from catching the leash.
  • Suitable for boards with the safety leash loop insert: All Start models, all Rio models and all Starsurfer models.