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Starboard is supporting the growth of women's windsurfing. Our involvement is at different levels from dedicated products, to events, clinics and athletes sponsorships.

We invite you to help us find more ways to expose windsurfing to women.

The Divas feature graphics with a more feminine touch and special features like lighter construction on the Diva Evo and a comfortable full-deck EVA on the Diva Carve.

These boards will appeal to women who want a less macho board that still stands out with alternative graphics and special features. The Diva Carve, in particular, will appeal to women who want added comfort as well.

This year, the Diva Carve shapes have been updated with new design break throughs such as the Reduced Vee and Zero Vee concepts. With a freer ride, higher speeds, and more dynamic jibing qualities, these new Divas offer higher levels of performance than before.
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62 122 144

The Diva Evo is a small and radical wave board with an attitude for fast, flowing moves and explosive, tweaked aerials. Short and wide, it will keep its speed on the smallest of waves to make the most out of any condition. More accessible than classic wave boards, the Evo design also becomes the ideal choice for women looking to start wave-sailing.

Single-sandwich deck with double PVC reinforcements under the heels create a lighter construction more suitable for lighter sailors.

Thin, soft rails and a rounded tail outline for extra carving grip, comfortable control, and smooth jibing.

Domed deck for extra comfort and grip in all strap positions.

Several levels of footstrap settings ensure perfect stance and position for a range of rider sizes.

Inboard strap settings for a more accessible stance

Outboard strap settings for maximum control, power and speed

3rd row of extra-inboard settings on the Diva Carve 144 for accessibility

Full EVA deck for extra comfort in the Diva Carve.

  • Graphics with a more feminine touch.
  • Lighter construction details on the Diva Evo.
  • Comfortable full-deck EVA on the Diva Carve.

Model Volume Length Width Tail DRAM

Fin box Fin size Sail size(m2)
Diva Evo 62 litres 219 cm. 54 cm. 34.4 cm. 6.0 kg US Drake Natural Wave 210 2.3-5.7
Diva Carve 122 122 litres 252 cm. 68.5 cm. 43.9 cm. 7.9 kg Tuttle Drake Natural Wave 380 5.1-8.0
Diva Carve 144 144 litres 256 cm. 78 cm. 52.1 cm. 9.1 kg Tuttle Drake Natural Wave 480 6.1-10.0

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