Prokids Sonic
From Chris Pressler,
Dear Guys,

Had some days for testing the prokids sonic model with a lot of kids of the Continentseven Prokidsteam. The volume will be around 45 to 47 liters and the board is for sure a big eyecatcher on the beach.

Below you can find what the kids said about their testing.

Max. speed: 25,3 knots by Jonas Staehelin

Jonas Staehelin (13 years, 41kg, 161 cm, footsize 39/40, 25-30 knots/flat, 15-20 knots/choppy): I went on with sails in the sizes 3.3 (ezzy kid) and 4.7 (north ice). Was faster with 3.3 and could make more than 25 knots max. speed and on average more than 21 knots on 50 seconds. The board is fast, but feels really small. It´s faster than the F2 Missile and jibes excellent. I was happy not to make too many faults, because if you make some you get punished quick. In my opinion the EVO 62 plans a bit earlier. The tacking was difficult, because the lift of the nose is so less. On the downwindrun I touched the water with my ankles sometimes.

Daniel Hasulyo (13 years, 45 kg, 155 cm, footsize: 39/40, 25-30 knots/flat, 15-20 knots/choppy): I sailed on the Prokids S-Type while the IFCA World in Fuerte and could place myself on the third position.

With the super fast Prokids sonic I could have placed better. I like to sail my 4.7 blade on the super fast gun. I was faster than with the 3.7 blade. I could go for 23.9 knots on my best run. If the wind drops I would wish to have bit more lift. The jibing felt great and worked out well soon. The board is faster than the F2 Missile, which I tried as well. When I did a tack I tried to be as fast as possible and could make them quite well. But it´s much more difficult to tack than with my Prokids Evo 62.

Bruno Hasulyo (9 years, 35 kg, 146 cm, footsize:38, 15-20 knots,

choppy): I learnt to sail this year and felt really comfortable on the Sonic Prokids. The planning is quite simple and feels very similar like the planning on the Prokids S-type. I was so much faster on the Sonic, but the board was a bit unstable when I was out of planning. If I can choose a board for strong wind is my first choice the Prokids Sonic for sure. I always used the Microwave 3.0 from Severne.

Mecki Schäfer (14 years, 49 kg, 165 cm, footsize: 45, 25+ knots,

flatwater): I used my S1 4,2. I was fast, but I´m not sure if I was faster than on the Sonic 90. The tacking was difficult, but I could made some. The board really surprised me, because I could plan much earlier than with my Prokids Evo 62. I never had spinouts but the board felt really narrow. On the downwindrun I often touched the water with my ankles. The endspeed was amazing. Could go about 25 knots fast. Also the jibing felt easy. Just in case of a windhole I sank down under the water. The board needs wind.

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