Svein started windsurfing in 1978 and won the Mistral worlds in 1983. He was a gold medalist candidate for the 1984 Olympics and spent 10 years on the PWA circuit. In 1991 he became the first sailor to win all disciplines in the IFCA Production-board Class Worlds.

Most Starboard master boards are tested by Svein before they get verified for production. Svein is as the sole owner of the brand he founded in 1994, still involved in overseeing every step of the starboard concept from shaping to shipping.

Channeling the energy from wind and waves into fuel for windsurfing... Our challenge is to develope and introduce the most efficient shapes and construction methods to enhance the windsurfing sensation. For '06 we have hugely improved most of our boards both for high-end performance and entry-level ease.

I would like to congratulate Scott McKercher on winning the '04 PWA Wave Sailing Worlds on the stock production EVO he developed with Tiesda You. Let's glance back 25 years in time when most windsurfing was taking place on lakes, the sport had its first peak, and the majority of boards had daggerboards. With the introduction of Hybrid boards, we now have great, all-round fun toys to explore the thousands of lakes around the world and also race in any conditions any day.

At the 2005 Pro kids worlds in Bonaire, over 50 kids from 5-15 had a blast and indicated that windsurfing is becoming one of the youngest action sports.
The 30 new windsurfing schools in Norway alone highlight the huge growth potential of the sport.

Starboard was created only 11 years ago, and I would like to thank all the crew at Starboard International, our pro riders, our centers our distributors and the Starboard sailors around the world for making this great adventure possible.

Can you remember the shapes and technologies that were available 11 years ago? Then imagine the quality and innovation of windsurfing equipment 11 years from now. We are ready to bring windsurfing to the next level and deliver you that equipment in half the time.

Svein Rasmussen
President, Starboard International

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