behind_trent.jpg Trent Pedersen
Trent Pedersen does not really have time to market anything here at Starboard but he still manages to ensure that the world knows about us. Since he started working here, Starboard has expanded so quickly that Trent not only had to manage the marketing but has also had to make sure that all basic business infrastructure was setup, our various teams taken care of, and that our distributors would have all the information tools to make the best decisions. Let's hope we continue to grow like this, as it seems the less time Trent has the more efficient he becomes!
Rémi Vila
Rémi Vila several times per year flies the 20 hours from the island of Martinique to Thailand with his lovely wife Cecile. Here he helps us with specific product development like the Hybrids boards which leads us into a new era of light wind windsurfing. Remi is a top Formula Windsurfing competitor and has the last 4 years helped us develop Formula boards that not only are setting the standard in performance but also in comfort. Windsurf is a big part of his life and he supports kids and junior team developments on his beautiful island. He is a man with strong views and helps us see the future of the sport.
behind_joe.jpg Joe Dumrongvivat
When Joe Dumrongvivat started with us he first had to learn to use a type writer. Today he is one of the best sales manager in the windsurfing industry and has sales numbers to back it up. He made Starboard the most available product in the windsurfing world by building a strong network into 75 different countries. His sales plan secures Starboard the highest second hand value in the industry. One of his secrets is to hold no central stock and let each country select the board programs that fit their wind and weather conditions.
Kjell Vagle
Kjell Vagle is a big problem. He thinks everyone should windsurf ,and can not accept anything else. He has over the last 3 years transformed Norway from a country with no windsurfing schools to now have more than 30 schools. Now he wants to take his concepts further south in Europe, and work on introducing closer relations between windsurfing and sailing associations. He normally is right, so we hope he is "normal".
behind_keith.jpg Keith Baxter
Keith Baxter has been at the forefront of windsurfing development since windsurfing came to Hawaii. Now he is one of the most active people driving the youth movement of windsurfing. He has been appointed personal caddy for the Pro kid sensation Connor Baxter and we expect to hear much from that duo into the future.
Scott McKercher
Scott Mckercher has something few people can grasp. He can sense the future and go in the right direction based on vague traces. He also developed wave sailing boards that changed the way we think about just that, and then further proved that he was right by winning the 04 World Championships on just that kit. What does the future hold for Scott? probably something much greater, we only hope he will keep us updated as he moves forward. and aims to do the same with Starboard!
behind_eric.jpg Eric Girard
Eric Girard is everywhere, the CNN of windsurfing. He has a big heart for everything windsurfing and for his new wife Claudine who helps him reaching his many goals. He lets people see windsurfing in new angles through his many adventures and we look forward to witness his new exciting expeditions.
Ian Fox
Ian Fox has had a great run lately, and his second son Tyler has already ordered a ProKids Sonic. Ian manages our Maui photo shoot. This annual challenge involves arranging the sun, negotiating the wind, timing the helicopters, photographers, 30 riders and ensuring that he still gets time to test new boards for himself, his wife Janine and everyone who wants to know what the new Starboards feel like. The definitive speed freak, he is especially in tune with tuning the "faster" boards in our range.
behind_per.jpg Per Anderson
Per Anderson has been addicted to windsurfing since first stepping on a board at the age of 9. Before joining Starboard 2 years ago, Per has covered every aspect of windsurfing, from being a pro PWA rider, a retailer and distributor, a board shaper, a pro sail tester, an instructor and working with demos and clinics. He's gone from heading the Swedish Funboard Association to developing secret construction methods on the West coast of Australia in partnership with some of the biggest names in sports. Today, Per carries out the development and testing of many board models into the early hours of the morning, fuelled by unnatural passion and energy. Results from Per's active research efforts into board construction and flex is also just around the corner...
Michael Nakvachara
Michael Nakvachara streamlines testing, transport and anything that can provide us better shapes and organization for the future. Most importantly, he supervised the building of the new "dog penthouse" at the Naklua beach test center. His engineering background keeps us always thinking about how we can move ahead of last years milestones with higher speed that ever.
behind_peter.jpg Peter Hart
Peter Hart, a former British slalom champion and member of the 40 knot club. Known as the 'technique guru'. His articles and award winning DVDs have brought help to literally thousands of improving windsurfers worldwide. Runs a clinic tour all over the world from Ireland to the Caribbean. Been testing and sailing for Tushingham for 21 years
Ellen Faller and Roger Jackson
Ellen Faller and Roger Jackson, have a "mobile windsurfing program" that travels all over the US throughout the year. They provide the "Taste of Windsurfing" program which gives interested people around the USA an opportunity to try windsurfing with on land simulator instruction by Ellen and on the water instruction with Roger. Both Ellen and Roger are past "USWA Windsurfers of the Year". Send a question to Ellen at or Roger at and you will get more than an answer. We get daily letters from people that appreciate their expertise and support.